artist’s statement

I look at the reality as a language, at merging of the speech with the background of everyday life. The prozac of life. I tell stories built of the common elements, so the speech and text would loose their transparency and phantoms conjured by language and matter may emerge. It lets me think about the work of art, as one having common features with the conversation. What interests me is the possibility of one that would be equally interesting visually, and as a story that can be told by the bar counter.
Painting’s nature is synthetic and direct. That saves its field from being flooded with cold light of mind. As a painter, I am interested in casting shadows, prima materia of paint, blinking, beauty, sticking to the eye, trompe l’oeil, impact of psychedelic and metallic surfaces.  The title flirting with the painting is a must, as it creates another layer of meaning to the artwork.
Working with objects, I fuse the neo-materialistic perspective with stories about everyday life and its side-effects. I create sculptures built straight from the text, where both used materials and writing are treated as meaningful and as the material. Such object is materially free of commitments; what counts is the narrative it generates.
One can say, that what I do is really close to the poetry, but I  don’t use that name to evade writing poems. One can say, that what I do is really close to the prose, but I don’t use that name to evade writing books.